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The El Dorado Days Blog and Domain was published on 8 March 2011, by Bear Creek Studio, Fort Worth, Tx.

Mark Fields
Mater Artist
Bear Creek Studio/Gallery


Talking about Fountain2007


Quote. "This Waterfall fountain was designed and constructed by Mark Fields in May 2005.  The stones are Texas natural stones and petrified wood placed in
strategic places for accent.   Fountain is approximate 6′ tall with beautiful flowering plants and various aquatic plants in it’s surround.  It contains
1700 gal of water with a pump that circulate and filter 1200 GPH, and has an echoing sound that can be heard 200 ft away.   So peaceful to include
the sound of birds and late evening tree frogs who come to drink". 



Backyard Living


Fountain (North End of Lawn)                                                           Flower Beds (South End of Deck)


Deck South End  Looking North                                                     South End Deck Awning extended.






Fountain at North end of Lawn